Have you heard?

Shipping partners are experiencing delays and changes. The USPS recently announced a number of changes that affect your order! 
(removal of machines, cutting hours, changing the stringency of parcel/letter acceptance, etc)

Unfortunately, this disrupt has affected many sellers

So....what happened?

Recently, dozens of First Class packages were returned after being accepted directly by the post office. With the big question of what do we do now?! We were told to "thicken" the envelopes.

Toothbrush product


We have been sending our orders the same exact way for ages but now, some First Class orders will have what we lovingly call a "package pimple"
(a simple biodegradable package peanut taped to the exterior of the envelope to meet USPS standards)

So....what's next?

As odd as is sounds, and after discussion with the post office, it was determined this was the fastest way for customers to receive their orders. If there is no movement, we will gladly re-ship your order! Contact us here. 
Due to the current state of USPS, we are forgoing the First Class Package option.